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With the Nara app and PlantGx platform, PanGenomic cuts through the noise and provides insights that help you heal. Our platform delivers personalized natural remedy regimen options to help you and your healthcare practitioner support your mental wellness.

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Healing Insights

Nara is a mental health app that curates natural remedies for individuals to manage and improve their mental wellness. With personalized insights and evidence-backed resources, users can take back control of their mental health.

The Well-Being Support You Need

Mindleap grants users access to great audio content and blogs, a mental health tracker, and access to professional services for mental well-being all through one convenient app

Clinical Platform for Health Practitioners

MUJN Diagnostics offers a diagnostic system that tracks personalized health and wellness by combining point-of-care biomarker testing with symptom tracking. Our goal is to provide objective data for improved health and wellness through insights into health trends and actions for improvement.


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PanGenomic is committed to helping more people discover plant-based health remedies and giving them greater personal control over mental health treatments. Led by health professionals, industry experts, and users, PanGenomic aims to connect individuals and healthcare practitioners with precision natural remedy options.