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Our Story


As the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, we saw a dire need for accessible care, and effective, self-guided wellness solutions.

Anxiety and depression increased, access to practitioners plummeted, and an overwhelming percentage of the people struggling most were left without meaningful or substantial support. In a time of disconnection, technology was the obvious answer — so the team at PanGenomic set out to develop digital products and tools that would transform the wellness world.

Through self-guided programs, easy-to-use platforms, and resources informed by peer-reviewed research, we offer solutions that are effective, natural, personalized, and responsive to users’ desired health outcomes and wellness objectives.

Today, our product catalog includes our Nustasis AI Platform, MUJN Diagnostics, and the NARA and MindLeap consumer apps — all designed to complement conventional medicine, and simplify the path to better health.

OUR Mission


Our mission is to transform the healthcare space with accessible wellness solutions powered by science, and the latest innovations in tech. 

Through our proprietary apps and platforms, we empower users to take control of their own wellbeing, and overcome long-standing barriers to mental and physical health.

We believe that conventional and holistic medicine can (and should) be complementary — and that the key to better long-term outcomes is a holistic, whole-body approach to healing and wellness.

OUR Principles


We are committed to inclusivity, ease of use, and eliminating barriers that prevent those in need from accessing quality care and healing.


We recognize that all bodies are different, and our platforms are designed to reflect that — with personalized guidance informed by data, research, and genomics.


We offer engaging and responsive tools designed to help users stick to lifestyle and regimen changes, improving their chances of meeting their long-term goals.


We remove hurdles to mental and physical wellness with self-guided programs, and platforms designed to improve access to care and lasting progress.



We deliver evidence and solutions users can trust while protecting the information they choose to share with us.


We provide access to solutions guided by science while maintaining total transparency around the scope and quality of supporting research.


We create tools that allow users to leverage natural solutions to a variety of health concerns while remaining conventional-medicine positive.


We offer solutions that respond to desired outcomes and empower our users to reach their long-term health goals.



Global Featured  Stats for 2022

Telehealth Market

$83.5B USD

24%  CAGR

Grand View Research

 mHealth App Market

$43.5B USD

24%  CAGR

Grand View Research

Alternative Medicine Market


25.1% CAGR

Grand View Research

Mental Health App Market

$5.2B USD

15.9% CAGR

Grand View Research


Social Impact


As a public benefit company, Pangenomic is dedicated to helping improve individual health outcomes with smart-tech tools that leverage both nature and science — while maintaining a commitment to safety, efficacy, and ease of access.

We believe that mental health and physical wellbeing should not be a luxury, but a basic human right, and a major priority across all communities and demographics.

We also believe that conventional healthcare, while effective, has limitations that block individual access to complete care, effective solutions, and lasting positive outcomes.

We aim to complement and support conventional medicine with a whole-body approach that simplifies, legitimizes, and democratizes holistic health and natural wellness solutions.

Our platforms and products were designed to make that happen — by offering new resources to practitioners and empowering users everywhere to take the reins of their own healing process.

On the business side of things, we believe that ethical profit is possible, and that sustainable growth should not come at the expense of employees, consumers, or the environment.

Bearing all of this in mind, we are proud to call PanGenomic one of Canada’s first public benefit corporations.



Meet the dedicated team behind the

game-changing products at PanGenomic. 


Maryam Marissen

Maryam has served in almost every facet of business — as a founder, board member, consultant, and now the CEO of PanGenomic. Her pursuit of excellence has pushed her to master a wide array of skill sets spanning consumer product marketing, private clinical services, public relations, and social advocacy, but the democratization of healthcare remains her primary mission.


Robert Nygren

Robert co-founded the biotech company Havn Life Sciences (CSE: HAVN) and served as a founding director of Psy Integrated Health Corp. He was also involved in establishing the Vancouver-based Empower Health clinic. In addition to these ventures, Robert co-founded the ETC3 Tech Centre located in the Research Campus of UBC. Prior to his involvement in these ventures, Robert served as the CEO of Epic Data and Fincentric.


Vincent Lum

Vincent has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry, where he has held several C-level positions. He is currently the CEO of MUJN Diagnostics. Vincent also co-founded Cardio-digital, which was later acquired by Medtronic. Prior to that, he served as Vice President and Partner at MDS Capital and Royal Bank Venture Capital.


Tammy Gillis

Tammy has 20 years of experience in the public markets, with a comprehensive background in finance, reporting, and regulatory requirements for manufacturing, biotechnology, technology, and junior exploration industries. She has served on teams that have successfully completed financings, grant applications, and acquisition transactions, and has worked as an officer for several listed issuers.


Colin Quon

 Colin is CEO of Excelar which develops health predictive analytics platforms and Chatnels, an augmented intelligence clinical messaging platform. Previously, Colin founded EQO, and held executive roles at Nortel, Telos, and Global Relay. Colin holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia and a BASc in Electrical Engineering from Simon Fraser University.


Kaidong Zhang

Kaidong has 15 years of experience in academia and industry, with a background in protein engineering and medicinal chemistry. His recent R&D projects include developing clinical diagnoses, managing chronic diseases with integrative medicine, developing nutraceutical products, and creating non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic devices to manage chronic prostate disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases


Tysia Suzuki

Tysia Suzuki, MBBS, is a foreign-trained doctor and Mayo Clinic trained wellness coach. Having completed education in both eastern and western medicine systems, she is passionate about providing science-based teachings and supporting individuals on their personal wellness journeys. As Nara’s Health Advisor, Tysia helps people connect the dots to better understand how they can adopt natural solutions to optimize their health and wellness. 

ADVISOR -MSc, Master Herbalist

Patrick Kooyman

Patrick Kooyman is an Herbalist, Ethnobotanist, and the Founder of Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals. He studied botany at the University of Calgary and herbal medicine with Wild Rose College and Emery Herbals. Patrick is a leading educator and specialist in the herbal wellness space. He frequently speaks on panels related to herbal medicines and holistic health, providing scientific approaches to our relationships with plants and herbal medicine.


Derek Ho

Derek has a passion for startups, technology and innovation. He has helped to drive technology and operational excellence for companies in the health startup ecosystem, as well as various other industries. With a solid background in technology product development, Derek can identify and execute the opportunities that lie at the intersection of market needs and viable solutions.

Our Partner Ecosystem


These companies share our vision, and have joined our mission to improve health outcomes for
as many people and communities as possible.

Psy Integrated Health

Psy Integrated Health is a health practitioner-controlled services organization with a mission to improve wellness through the use of integrative health practices and evidence-supported plant medicines.

To this end, it recently acquired Empower Health Clinic — a leading provider of  integrative health delivery models.
Psy Integrated provides PanGenomic with access to a multi-disciplinary team of health practitioners who treat patients facing a variety of health conditions, with a particular focus on mental health concerns and objectives.

PanGenomic works closely with Psy Integrated as its clinical partner in developing the tools offered by MUJN.