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Our Technology

PanGenomic believes healthcare can be smarter, so we’ve incorporated AI into our proprietary clinical platforms. The result is a series of easy-to-access tools designed to simplify care, and shorten the path to mental and physical wellness.

Adaptive AI and Digital Biomarker Technology With the power of cutting-edge deep learning and adaptive AI, we are able to leverage predictive analytics, and offer personalized and integrative technology-driven care.

As we’ve seen from innovations like ChatGPT, generative AI is very powerful, and does have the power to provide concise and useful responses — but there is a margin of error with this process.

That’s why we’re creating guardrails to support our tech, using proprietary algorithms, peer-reviewed science, and incorporating biomarker diagnostics data so that the pre-trained models provide solutions and answers that are more contextual, safe, and concise so that they are worthy of consumer trust.

The in-app personalized experience of our NARA app, for example, is responsive to and informed by each user’s unique profile, genomic genotyping variants analysis, daily check-in responses, medication regimen, objective health data, and intake questionnaire responses.

Ultimately, our products leverage several streams of technological innovation to arm both clinicians and end users with the best resources available, while maintaining the highest standard of efficacy, safety, and performance.


Your smart tech partner in natural health