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PanGenomic is a health-tech company that empowers consumers to optimize their mental and physical wellbeing using natural solutions that are supported by modern science. The PanGenomic portfolio includes a proprietary AI platform that supports two consumer applications offering Telehealth, and diagnostic tools designed to improve quality and accessibility of care for positive long-term health outcomes.


Health better, naturally.


NARA is a self-guided, personalized consumer wellness app that leverages the Nustasis AI Platform, and peer-reviewed health and wellness data to support positive mental and physical outcomes with a variety of actionable resources.

It eliminates the confusion, frustration, and misinformation that can appear in the pursuit of alternative solutions, and in natural wellness spaces — providing the tools, insights, and resources users need to make safe and informed decisions.

Backed by tech and the latest research, it offers:

  • Self-guided trackers covering mental health, physical health, and concerns specific to women
  • A personalized experience based on genomic data and user feedback
  • A one-of-a-kind library of natural wellness solutions
  • Educational videos and articles covering a wide array of ingredients, conditions, and health concerns
  • And habit forming tools and prompts designed to foster lasting positive outcomes 

Stress better.  

Mindleap empowers users to take the reins of their mental health journey, powered by an intuitive app and easy-to-follow process.

With a mission to foster stress resilience in an undeniably stressful world — this product was designed to skyrocket users’ sense of wellness and improve their day-to-day experience.

This is made possible by:

  • An extensive library of self-guided somatic programs
  • Simple and effective daily journaling prompts
  • And an in-app telehealth portal that allows users to connect with qualified somatic practitioners, therapists, and coaches

Together, the features of Mindleap have the potential to boost not only individual resilience but collective well-being in communities and professional spaces

Better brain health.

MUJN Diagnostics provides valuable health and wellness insights by combining fast and efficient point-of-care biomarker testing with structured symptom tracking.

Our goal is to provide objective data that fosters improved health and wellness outcomes with the help of trend insights, and actionable steps for improvement.

Backed by tech and the latest research, MUJN offers:

  • Disease-specific biomarker tests
  • Mental health symptom tracking
  • Easier access to brain-health data
  • Objective trend feedback for patients and health professionals
  • Imperative data surrounding possible treatments and dietary regimens 
  • An improved system for patient-practitioner data sharing
  • And a dynamic measure of patients’ ongoing brain health status


The MUJN team leverages the latest research in integrative health, biotechnology, chemistry, immunology, software analytics, artificial intelligence, and engineering to facilitate lasting change.


Own your health journey


PanGenomic is a cutting-edge health-tech company that aims to enhance the mental and physical well-being of consumers through natural solutions backed by the latest scientific research. Our extensive portfolio comprises a proprietary AI platform that powers two distinct consumer applications, providing telehealth and diagnostic tools to enhance the quality and accessibility of natural healthcare services. With a focus on positive, long-term health outcomes, PanGenomic empowers individuals to take control of their health and optimize their wellness.

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