Cut through the noise and receive personalized natural remedy options to help support mental wellness.

Harness the Power of Healing Insights

Nara is a mental health app that curates natural remedies for individuals to manage and improve their mental wellness. With personalized insights and evidence-backed resources, users can take back control of their mental health.

The Well-Being Support You Need

Mindleap grants users access to great audio content and blogs, a mental health tracker, and access to professional services for mental well-being all through one convenient app.

Clinical Platform for Health Practitioners

PlantGx provides healthcare professionals with data and information on personalized natural mental health solutions.

Digital Therapeutics Clinical Platform for Health Practitioners

PanGenomic will launch the PlantGx platform in Canada and the United States in the summer 2022.

The PlantGx platform is designed for use by a variety of health practitioners, including physicians, naturopaths, pharmacists, herbalists and counsellors.

Using proprietary algorithms, the PlantGx platform translates health data into concise, actionable insights for a health practitioner. It provides tailored information for the efficient treatment of patients utilizing a variety of natural remedies.

The PlantGx Platform accesses and analyzes data from pharmacogenomics, proteomics, nutrigenomics and ethnobotany research, together with data from an individual’s genome sequence, an individual’s protein biomarkers and gut microbiome profile.